Currently the #1 distributor of Fannie May Candy for fundraising.

Mike’s Candy stand was created in the fall of 2005 by Mike Ruff, a former teacher, coach and school board member. Together with his wife Joyce, also a former teacher, they provide groups with one of the easiest and most profitable program in fundraising. People who know Fannie May know it is a product that sells itself!

Their program has become so popular that over 95% of the Groups continue doing it year after year.

“We believe we’ve accomplished our goal for the following reasons”:

  • We provide groups a product with a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed.
  • We do not inflate the price of our products like all the other fundraising companies. In fact, our price actually offers a much better value than driving to a local retailer to purchase it.
  • Customers not only save money but also receive a large amount of satisfaction from helping to “enrich the lives of students and others”.
  • We provide free materials, free tabulation of orders, free incentives, and will deliver orders individually packaged for each seller.