“As a band director since 2006, I have used Mike’s Candy Stand for our Fannie May fundraiser and raised well over $100,000 throughout the years! Mike has made this fundraiser profitable for our students, a bargain for our customers, and easy for teachers and parents. Everything from the set-up to delivery has been well organized and low-stress. Mike’s passion for raising funds for students makes all the difference compared to other fundraisers!”

Michael Lehman, Band Director
Evanston High School

“As a Middle School Principal for the last 10 years, I have worked with Mike Ruff and the Fannie May Candy Fundraiser each year to raise money in the spring for our Technology Activity Fund. Mike has about the best “formula” for student involvement and success: cash and candy!! Our school has used many other fundraising companies with other clubs or activities, but none have compared to how Mike is able to generate student involvement with the incentives in place. Our students, families and community looks forward to the Fannie May Fundraiser at Meridian and not many fundraisers can boast of that enthusiasm for the participation and of course the high quality of Fannie May Candies!!”

Andy Pygott, Principal
Meridian Middle School

“Selling Fannie May Candy with Mike Ruff is a terrific fundraiser. Ottawa High School has participated with this fundraiser for the past several years and has had enormous success! The product is high quality and the care and service Mike gives to me and my students is top notch. Combine that with a great incentive program for the students, and this is win-win situation for everyone.”

Sarah Reckmeyer, Band Director
Ottawa High School

“Our experience with Mr. Ruff has been extremely professional and organized. He is always kind and generous and wants to help us make our Fannie May fundraiser the best it can be. I wouldn’t trade his service for anyone else! Keep up the great work, Mike!”

Jamie Van Buskirk, PTO Fundraising Chair
Lindbergh Middle School

“Mike Ruff has been an integral part of Iroquois West Middle School for many years. Mike has spearheaded our Fannie May Fundraiser and has literally been the firm foundation that we have needed. Mike enters our school and gives a 15 minute orientation to the product and also tells students how to effectively sell the product. Mike allows our students to sample some Fannie May to help them gain a rapport with the product. All orders are sent to our school and his record is unblemished. Every order is perfection. Under the leadership of Mike, our school has raised over $70,000 (and probably more) that helps our students be able to attend field trips and purchase other needs for the students. Without Mike and Fannie May, our school would be lost! We are gratefully indebted to Mike Ruff and he has been essential to helping give back to our students; students who live in impoverished homes are now given new opportunities, thanks to Mike Ruff and Fannie May!”

Duane Ehmen, Principal
Iroquois West Middle School

“I’ve done just about every fundraiser available over the years and I have never had as great an experience as working with Mike and Fannie May! You can really tell he loves what he does and puts in a LOT of incentives for the students to sell. We have this as a voluntary fundraiser for our program and with about ¾ of our band selling we made over $10,000 in sales this year! This candy sells itself and comes pre-packaged so there is no work for me when the product shows up. Easiest fundraiser we have done in my 10+ years of teaching.”

Karli McCann, Band Director
Pekin High School

“Mike & Joyce make fundraising a “no-brainer” for me! All I do is collect forms. They do all the rest. We have done an annual fundraiser with Mike for the past 18 years, and I will never go to something else. He knows his stuff.”

Jean Wilmarth
Germantown Hills Middle School

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Mike Ruff as our Fannie May Fundraiser distributor. He has provided our students a variety of opportunities due to his flexibility and commitment to Dunlap Valley Middle School. Our school is a better place due to the support of Mike Ruff.”

Jason Holmes, Principal
Dunlap Valley Middle School

“Mike and Joyce Ruff have been great to work with. Over the years I have tried many fundraisers but Fannie May Chocolates from Mike’s Candy Stand has been the BEST. Not only do the chocolates sell themselves but Mike and Joyce do all the packaging and inventory which makes my job easy. It’s been great to partner with a sales representative who understands my program and truly cares about helping me accomplish my goals.”

Adam Schneblin, Band Director
East Peoria High School

“Mike Ruff has been wonderful to work with for the past 16 years. This fundraiser has been the most profitable one I have ever done. My students have raised well over $100,000 in my career with Fannie May and Mike Ruff.”

Kevin Ferry, Choir Director
Monmouth-Roseville High School

“I know the clichés about easy fundraising, but Mike and Joyce do, indeed, make what is typically the worst part of running an activity one of the easiest tasks. I have coached speech and debate for 26 years, working with teams as small as 5 and as large as 90, selling greenery, candles, knickknacks, even labor, and this fundraiser is the easiest and most lucrative of all.”

Aaron Smith, Debate Coach
West Lafayette High School

“We have sold Fannie May with Mike’s Candy for 10 years and every year we sell more than the last year. Mike is great with the students when giving a presentation and the students are pumped and ready to sell when he gets done! The “free” boxes really get the students to sell. He does a great program and I will never quit selling thru Mike!”

Peggy May, Director of Fundraising
Jefferson High School, Lafayette, IN

“We have been fundraising with Fannie May Candy for a number of years, and all I can say is THEY ARE THE BEST!! The people are great to work with, reliable, fast on distribution, and make it about the students. Selling Fannie May Candy has been our annual fundraiser and will continue to be for years to come!!”

Damien Kaplan, Choir Director
Springfield High School

“Mike provides seemingly everything for your school club, class, or activity wishing to fundraise. As a sponsor you are provided with all of the materials to make the process as seamless as possible for your school. Mike’s experience as a teacher, coach, and board of education member allows him to see a perspective that helps in distribution, materials, and success making it a fundraiser I know that our school will continue to do in the future.”

Glenn Raymond School

“Thank you so MUCH for the amazing service you have provided to me and the Pontiac Township High School Music Department students and music boosters through Fannie May Candy sales. Over the past 15 years you have helped our students and boosters raise many thousands of dollars with an easy to sell, quality product for a GREAT price – even better than the stores! Our service at the beginning, middle and end of the sale sets the standard for the school fundraising industry. You make it EASY for the director/teacher/coach to administer this sale of a great product, and offer TERRIFIC PROFITS for individuals and groups to reach their goals.
I can think of no better sales team or product for schools, churches, and organizations to offer to their families and communities than Fannie May Candy and Mike’s Candy Stand! It has been a pleasure to work with you. How many times can you say that about a fundraiser. If you are looking for a great fundraiser run by great people, don’t miss out on this opportunity.”

Keith Schmink, Band Director
Pontiac High School